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"Walking on 56, the water was about knee deep," continues Raines."In less than two minutes, it went from knee deep to four or five feet deep.Compare that to Charlottesville's 2006 rainfall pre-Ernesto: 20 inches in eight months."You're talking about eight months of rain in one night," says Bechtel. When it started seeping into the family's house, they decided to find higher ground.The water was so swift you couldn't stand against it." His father and Sandy and Johanna were found two days later.His mother was discovered in a barn about a mile away almost a week after the 19th, in time to be buried with the other three."The lightning was so intense that it was like now," says Raines, comparing that night to the daylight of a drizzly September 8 afternoon, the day that would have been his mother, Shirley's, 80th birthday. No one knew that Camille's fury wasn't quite spent. Thirty-seven years ago, the warehouse where his father worked sat atop that bridge, washed 50 yards downstream by the flash flood that swept away Raines' parents, two sisters, and a brother.

"We had no idea it would rise as fast as it did." The group then took to Route 56.

Nelson County in the '60s was rural life preserved in amber." Bechtel, author of six books, including three bold titles for men– by Paige and Jerry Simpson, came out the year after the hurricane.

And there were several books detailing the Mississippi experience.

cars, cows..." Raines, 51, sits on a rail of the bridge over the Tye River in the village of Massies Mill.

What started as a seemingly typical rain that evening in what had been a wet summer had, by 2am, pushed the Raines family to flee their flooding home with four neighbor kids in tow.

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But he adds, "Everyone acknowledges that's a minimum." Other receptacles provided some clues to the downpour's volume.

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