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Sakura looked like she had a few years in her face, but wiped them off, and then gave the gestures of someone who was reassuring someone else that they were fine.

Naruto could see her clutching a necklace around her neck, a necklace that he had given her a few days ago for their one year anniverstiy.

Kushina then realized what she had done and broke of the kiss."Oh, Im so sorry Naruto, its just…you look so much like Minato, and as you know all woman are experiaceing a horny desire right now, I just lost control…..," blurted out Kushina who was looking ashamed.

Naruto however surprised her by taking hold of her face and kissing her back, and their lips held together for a while 5 minutes before they separated."If your lust is getting the better of you, then let me help you mom," said Naruto.

Tsunade appeared and started to give the news,"As you are all aware all males in Konoha have disappeared for some reason, and in their places have appeared woman that were deceased before.

We are not sure what caused this, but after numerous messenger hawks, it seems that this has happened to every ninja village around the world."What the heck, is she saying that I'm the only guy left on the planet?

Naruto guessed maybe she had been given a mission to find the old lady's cat again, so ignored any other distractions.

He was about to jump off the roof to follow when a flash of red came out of nowhere and jumped him before he blacked out."Argh, where am I?

" he said rubbing his head, and then looking around to see he was now in the master bedroom of the Namikaze compound, where he had moved into a few weeks ago after he had been given his Namikaze status back."Let me see your face mister," said a voice behind him.

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s mission is to preserve, enhance, restore and conserve Vermont’s natural resources and protect human health for the benefit of this and future generations.

The DEC, along with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, is part of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

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